High Performance Plastic Sheet, Rod and Tubular Bar

We were using 1018 CRS for wheels in our plant with a rolling element bearing that rides on a hardened steel shaft. The wheels were loud, heavy and required regular lubrication both on the track and inside the bearing. Advanced Industrial helped us select Nyloil MDX® Nylon which not only replaced the CRS wheel, but also eliminated the need for a rolling element bearing inside the wheel! The Nyloil MDX® is self lubricating, lighter and quieter than CRS providing us with an exellent, maintenance free solution for our application. Best of all, with the elimination of the bearing, the new wheels are less expensive!

Jean L.     Esso Imperial Oil Calgary, AB Canada

Plastic Bearing Design

PV at its most simple level is an equation to derive an understandingof the heat generated by the interaction between bearing wear surface and shaft. It is the heat that is generated during typical bearing lifecycling that can cause premature bearing failure as a result of the wear surface degrading or the engineered backing material going througha gradual reduction in mechanical or physical properties. The calculation of PV can vary slightly depending on the type of bearing being evaluated (journal bearing, thrust washer, flanged bearing or linear bearing); however, in most cases the bearing calculation will follow the example below.