Bottling & Canning Machinery Solutions

Companies in the food and beverage industry face many challenges when it comes to packaging their products. Strict production requirements mean work must be completed at a rapid pace. Ever-changing public opinion results in frequent changes to packaging and ingredients. Most importantly, food safety regulations lead to a wealth of packaging requirements to avoid foodborne illness. Advanced Industrial offers a variety of products and solutions that can help companies rise to the demands of the industry.

Industry Challenges

Among other industry challenges, one of food and beverage manufacturers’ main responsibilities is to ensure the safety and cleanliness of their products to keep consumers safe. Though there are many other obstacles to consider when choosing technology and solutions for your business, including:

  • Certifications/Regulations: Several governing authorities dictate the practices with which food and beverage manufacturers must comply. These requirements include FDA compliance, BPA-free construction, non-toxic guidelines, HACCP compliance, FMA safe regulations, and more.
  • Changing Consumer Tastes: When consumers seek healthier ingredients, environmentally sound packaging, or varied flavors, companies must meet the demand, which often requires changes in equipment and manufacturing processes.
  • Competition: Being the first to develop and produce new food products while keeping prices low is crucial to keep ahead of the competition.
  • Rapid Turnaround: Many retailers who sell food products order in massive quantities to meet consumer demand. Canning lines must produce canned units in high volume, which requires continuous advances in technology to keep up with demand.
  • Traceability: Packaging on food and beverage products must include a unique identifying code for identifying and recalling faulty products.
  • Harsh Production Environments: The production line for food packaging is often wet, sticky, and subject to high temperatures, which can pose problems with packaging materials and coding.

Bottling & Canning Parts/Applications

In the bottling and canning industry, machine parts may be exposed to moisture, salt, food products, and harsh cleaning products. High-quality, food-grade plastic components provide a variety of benefits over metals to meet the demands of food processing.

Advanced Industrial’s high-performance plastic components can be implemented for virtually any application or industry. We are committed to producing quality products that meet the needs of our customers. Our capabilities include:

  • Custom Plastic Parts: These components meet strict tolerance requirements without sacrificing performance. Advanced Industrial’s custom plastic parts provide a level of accuracy and control ideal for highly regulated industries such as bottling and canning.
  • Custom Bearings: Our custom bearings are designed to fit your application and maintain a long lifespan even under harsh living conditions. The versatility of our bearings makes them suitable for low and high load grades. They are chemically resistant and can be run wet or dry without the risk of rust or corrosion.
  • Custom Gears: We design our gears to suit your application and can be created from a variety of plastics for resistance to impact, moisture, and abrasion. Selecting one of our custom gears is a more cost-effective option than designing your product around a standard gear.

Advanced Industrial can provide custom machined-plastic solutions for the top applications in the bottling and canning industry. For example:

  • Food Conveying: Plastic components offer good sliding and wear resistance for rollers used in food conveying.
  • Industrial Tubing: Plastic products used for industrial tubing have chemical and stain-resistant qualities against aggressive food products and cleaning solutions.
  • Metal Replacement: Plastic machining can be used for the replacement of metal parts for cupping systems, trippers, spray systems, and light testing machines in the bottling and canning industry. 
  • Dairy Products: Plastic products meet the sanitary standards established for the production of dairy products.

Advanced Industrial Materials for Bottling & Canning

Advanced Industrial’s machined plastics have capabilities that meet the strict standards of the food and beverage industry. We offer a variety of plastic components that satisfy the requirements of different bottling and canning processes. They include:

  • PEEK: PEEK is a high-performance, semi-crystalline thermoplastic that is able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. With the ability to operate at high temperatures for long periods of time and the ability to come into direct contact with food, PEEK is useful for nozzles, closing dies, scrapers, blenders, mixing paddles, and portioning systems.
  • Acetal: Acetal is a general-purpose, engineering plastic with a high strength capability that makes it a good replacement for metal. Its resistance to cleaning agents makes it useful for machine parts that come into direct contact with food.
  • Ertalyte: Ertalyte is an unreinforced thermoplastic polyester with excellent wear resistance, a low coefficient of friction, and high strength. It is compliant with USDA, 3A Dairy, and Canada AG regulations. It is suitable for parts used in food processing due to its low moisture absorption, and resistance to moderately acidic solutions.
  • PTFE: Also known as Teflon, PTFE is a semi-crystalline fluoropolymer that offers advantages like low friction, low surface tension (non-stick), high chemical resistance, and high-temperature resistance.
  • Torlon: Torlon is an amorphous, high-performance polymer that maintains its physical integrity in high-heat environments. Strength and stiffness make this material a good replacement for metals in machinery for meat, fish and poultry processing, dairy products, and baked goods.
  • Ultem 1000

Find Your Machined-Plastic Solutions From Advanced Industrial

Advanced Industrial’s machined plastics can help eliminate the barriers and limitations encountered in the food and beverage industry. Highly capable plastics outperform metals in many ways and offer cost-effective, long-lasting solutions that help your business adhere to industry regulations. Reach out today to learn more about Advanced Industrial’s solutions for bottling and canning, or to get your personalized quote.

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