Advanced Industrial


Polyimide PI material, is manufactured in standard stock shapes for machining and is produced in sheet, rod and tubular bar. Polyimide is a non melting high temperature polymer.

Material Availability

  • Sheet
  • Rod 
  • Tubular Bar
  • Tight Tolerance Machined Components
  • Custom Bearings and Wear Components
  • Custom Gears

Polyimide exhibits high strength, dimensional stability, and creep resistance even at temperatures above 260°C. Low wear rates combined with the ability to work in unlubricated conditions and high PV-rates makes it the ideal material for challenging friction and wear applications, extending lifetime and reducing maintenance costs.

Vespel Plastic Part
  • High strength, modulus and stiffness also at high temperatures over 260 °C
  • Excellent thermal and electrical insulation
  • High purity, low outgassing in vacuum conditions
  • Good machinability
  • Inherently flame retardant 
Its high purity and low outgassing are needed for applications in the vacuum, space and semicon industry.
  • Non melting high temperature polyimide
  • Long term thermal stability 300°C (short term up to 400 °C)
  • High heat resistance up to 470 °C (HDT/A)
  • Good cryogenic properties down to -270 °C