Advanced Industrial

PEEK (polyetheretherketone)

PEEK is a high-performance plastic with excellent resistance to harsh chemicals, and outstanding mechanical strength and dimensional stability. PEEK is also resistant to steam, water, and sea water.

Material Availability

  • Extruded Sheet
  • Compression Molded Sheet
  • Extruded Rod
  • Compression Molded Rod
  • Extruded Tubing (Tight Tolerance)
  • Compression Molded Tubing
  • Compression Molded Rings and Disks
  • injection Molded Tubing
  • Extruded Film
  • Custom Compounds in small batches
  • Tight Tolerance CNC Machined Components
  • Custom Gears
  • Custom Bearings and Wear Components

PEEK has the ability to maintain rigidity at high temperatures and is suitable for continuous use at temperatures up to 483° F (250°C).

PEEK Plastic Part

PEEK is widely used for high temperature applications, structural parts and bearing / wear components with some of our bearing grades being able to perform up to 120,000 PV dry running.

Some of the benefits of PEEK plastic include:

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