High-Performance PEEK Bearings

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a high-performance, semi-crystalline thermoplastic with a polymer structure. Its various beneficial properties, such as high temperature capabilities, low mating part wear, corrosion resistance, and easy machining, make it ideal for many bearing applications in a range of industries.

Advantages of PEEK Bearings

PEEK is a highly machinable material with a very stable chemical structure allowing it to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Because of this, it has a number of advantages over other bearing materials.

Longer Lifespan

Due to its polymeric structure, PEEK is characterized by being exceptionally hard, stiff, and strong. It handles friction well and has a much longer lifespan than other similar materials, even in harsh environments. When combined with its ability to meet the demand for high load capacity and corrosion resistance, PEEK bearings are well tolerated in environments such as subsea pumps and motors. 

Improved Performance

Less power is needed to move PEEK bearings due to a reduced coefficient of friction. This also means less wear on mating parts and faster maximum speeds without damaging the bearings. Higher efficiency leads to improved performance capabilities. 

Weight Reduction

PEEK bearings are lighter than most other bearing materials. This allows them to retain rigidity and toughness while reducing weight load compared to other materials. Less weight allows more flexibility in application and can result in cost reductions. 

Rigidity at High Temperatures

Unlike many other bearing materials, PEEK bearings maintain their structural integrity at any temperature below their melting point due to their thermal conductivity. Among many other applications, this high-temperature capability can help eliminate the need for backup systems for gas turbines, leading to greater efficiency and weight and cost savings. 

Chemical/Corrosion Resistance

PEEK bearings don’t react with organic compounds. They won’t rust or experience damage from water or salty environments, and can only be dissolved in a concentrated acidic solution. This allows them to be used in more punishing environments that many other materials can’t tolerate. 

Various Types/Grades

Advanced Industrial has a variety of PEEK bearing grade materials to suit every desired application. 

  • PEEK 5025 is exceptionally well suited for centrifugal pump components due to its tighter clearance gap tolerances, which increase pump efficiency, resulting in substantial savings.
  • PEEK 5035 is made for rider bands, wear rings, and piston rings in reciprocating compressors for use in lubricated and non-lubricated conditions due to its proprietary lubricated PEEK material. 
  • PEEK HPV is a bearing grade ideal for low-wear, high pressure velocity parts that require chemical resistance. It offers the lowest coefficient of friction and the best machinability of all grades. 
  • PEEK 450G is an unfilled, extruded PEEK that offers great wear resistance and temperature tolerance. It has high strength tolerances in hostile environments and can be used in hot water or steam without compromising the integrity of its physical properties. 
  • PEEK PTFE is a Teflon-filled PEEK bearing material that is FDA compliant and offers enhanced lubricity.  It is often used in food industries due to its mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. 
  • PEEK CA is an extruded, 30% carbon fiber reinforced PEEK. Carbon fibers enhance compressive strength and stiffness and lower the expansion rate. This grade provides 3 1/2 times higher thermal conductivity than unreinforced PEEK with optimum wear resistance and load capability.
  • PEEK GF is an extruded, 30% glass fiber PEEK ideal for structural applications that require improved strength, stiffness, or stability at high temperatures. 
  • PEEK 5032 is an aramid fiber-filled PEEK with abrasion and chemical resistance properties.  PEEK 5032 is excellent for bearing applications that require low weight, impact strength, and abrasion resistance. 

Advanced Industrial Bearings

PEEK is our specialty at Advanced Industrial, and our bearings come in various grades that serve many different functions and provide you with the maximum benefit for your application, regardless of the environment. Because your business isn’t one size fits all, your bearing needs aren’t either. Our unique capabilities allow us to provide a wide range of bearing-grade materials to custom bearings that fit the specific needs of your application. Contact us for more information on how we can help move your business with high-performance plastics. 

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